2018 Word Furniture Outlook

April 11, 2018
Christian Morasso
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The furniture sector is becoming more and more globalized and has to tackle common issues in the attempt of increasing competitiveness. CSIL is constantly monitoring and studying these issues and is pleased to share results of its research activity with sector experts with a forward looking approach. 

The "World Furniture Outlook Seminar" is a unique occasion to gather comments on the key facts regarding production, consumption and trade of the major industrial economies worldwide and to know CSIL forecasts. 

CSIL experts will introduce their forecasts concerning the furniture sector worldwide and commented on the main factors affecting production, consumption and trade of furniture on a global scale. 

CSIL findings will be discussed with institutional representatives as keynote speakers, who will be focusing on the current and future situation in their countries and on the main trends on the global market. 

During the seminar CSIL speakers will present findings and abstracts from these research reports: 

World Furniture Outlook 2018 providing an overview of the world furniture market with historical statistical data and furniture markets forecasts for 100 countries. The report will attain its XIX edition in 2018. 

The contract furniture and furnishings market in Europe. CSIL will present an overview of the growing contract market on a European scale. In 2018 this report will attain its VII edition. 

Participation in CSIL Seminar is FREE and by invitation only 

To register, you may also send an email to seminar@csilmilano.com indicating your contact details (Name, Surname and Company name).