IKEA Industry invests in Kazlų Rūda furniture production in Lithuania

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IKEA Industry has decided to invest in furniture production in Kazlų Rūda and advanced technology will offer an opportunity to double the production capacity. Construction is scheduled to start this autumn, reported the company in its press release. 

“IKEA Industry sees great potential in Kazlų Rūda. When it comes to operational experience, competencies of co-workers, opportunities in attracting new co-workers and availability of raw materials, Lithuania is truly competitive,” says Inga Urbonavičiūtė, Managing Director of IKEA Industry Lithuania.

The construction of the factory is scheduled to begin this autumn and planned to be completed in the summer of 2019.

“The investments will not only increase the volume of furniture production, but also improve it. The new equipment will be more efficient and help us to manufacture faster and allow more efficient use of raw materials, which will reduce costs and waste generation. Additionally, the level of automation will be much higher, and an advanced automatic quality control system will increase the quality for our customers”, says Karolis Jonaitis, Manager of IKEA Industry Lithuania furniture factory.

Some of the most important changes are related to the working conditions in the factory. Improvement areas cover ergonomics of workplaces and changing work schedules from 7 to 5 business days a week. The IKEA factories in Kazlų Rūda employ more than 700 co-workers, producing particleboard and furniture.

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